Media and Graphic Designer

Shun-Nga is a graphic designer, entrepreneur and artist with over 17 years of experience in visual art. While speaking and listening with her cochlear implants, Shun-Nga became interested in the world of visual communication due to being born hearing impaired. She is passionate about improving the way ideas and messages can be conveyed between the sender and the viewer through design. Shun-Nga believes that design should be simple in aesthetics and function and her special interests include branding and marketing. Shun-Nga has a Bachelor of Media with a major in Graphic Design from the University of Adelaide.

Shun-Nga is inspired by minimalism, the incorporation of art and illustration in design, and Asian typography and multicultural works, because of her Hong Kong / Chinese heritage and interests in Japanese and Korean culture. Shun-Nga’s hobbies include travelling, taking photos, creating art and spending time with friends and family.