Cornerstone Alliance


Choice of Living Health Centre​

Promoting holistic integrative medicine​

Choice of Living Health Centre is a Integrative Medicine General Practice located in Greenacres, SA. Dr Wai-Sze Wong established the practice over 12 years ago and has always wanted people to learn about the value of both Western Medicine to treat symptoms, but also work on their holistic health to manage chronic and lifestyle related illnesses.

Cornerstone Alliance partners with the centre, providing marketing and engagement consultancy  services, which is a weekly implementation of the marketing plan, through in-house consultation with clinicians regarding culture, and regular social media updates about wellness.

The marketing consultancy develops content and opportunities to build and raise the brand profile of Choice of Living Health Centre. 

Graphic Design

An example of the social posts that are carefully crafted by our skilled designers to create Brand Equity by using relevant, targeted content and deliberate brand characteristics and colours.