Specialist consulting services to support your business goals in the area of Marketing, Communications and Engagement.

An example could be facilitation of your organisational Rebranding, Redesigning your Marcomms & Engagement Plan, Preparing a Budget, Preparing or presenting papers and reports to your Board or Executive.

Planning and Implementing Strategy

Cornerstone Alliance will work with you to deliver on an agreed Marketing, Communications and Engagement plan to achieve your strategic and operational outcomes.

On-going Corporate Service support layer

This popular model offers an ongoing corporate service layer that manages those Business as Usual items that need to be done to keep your brand and its services known.


Presented as half-day workshops, these sessions offer generalist insight into a Marketing, Communications and Engagement Plan and offer Templates that Track and Monitor activity schedules.


Sunita Miranda MAICD is an experienced Non Executive Director with over 10 years of directorship experience. Sunita is available to present a Strategic piece at your Board Planning Day. Minimum notice is one month.