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Eastern Heart Care​

Promoting specialist Cardiology ​

Eastern Heart Care is a specialist cardiology practice based in Kensington, South Australia. Adelaide-based cardiologists Dr Paula Averbuj and Dr Dimitrios Lypourlis offer clinical diagnostic services to treat patients requiring specialised cardiac care.

Paula and Dimitrios came to Cornerstone Alliance with a request for help to launch their new specialist service online. They wanted simple and effective content and a website developed to match their personalised style of specialist service. They are not the usual commercial practice insofar as they take time to listen and care for their patients (and their hearts).

Cornerstone Alliance developed styled photos, web content and design to build a low-frills website for Eastern Heart Care. This was a lovely project and both doctors are fabulous people to deal with!

Website and photos

Our photographer Tracey Nearmy took photos of Dr Paula and Dr Dimitrios for their new website.

Visit the website here