Cornerstone Alliance


Interface Consultants​

Helping the specialists to be savvy​

Interface is a Management Consulting firm based in Adelaide, South Australia. They have a team of highly experienced, specialist consultants who offer Management Consulting, On-Demand Services, Mastery, Masterclasses, Seminars, Webinars and Courses.

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Cornerstone Alliance works with  Interface Consultants to raise their brand profile, increase awareness and create opportunities for business development. We do this by being part of the team, developing their marketing and engagement plan and implementing it on a weekly basis. 

We develop content through copy, photography and video, produce branded collateral, create social creatives, promote events and manage social media. Working with Interface has been a real learning experience and we are all better for the brain and systems savvy approaches they’ve exposed us to!

Event photography

Interface often runs workshops that educate people on how to best navigate and implement changes in their companies. These were captured by our photographer Shun-Nga Hui for Interface’s social media and marketing purposes. 


Our designers have been responsible for producing wonderful designs for Interface’s publications and social media posts!