Cornerstone Alliance



Discovery and workshops to assess current technology

Cornerstone Alliance collaborated with SANFL to assess and improve ROI on Microsoft O365 platform.

This was a cross-organisation activity held by Kirsty Reschke from Cornerstone Alliance who organised workshops for specific functional teams and held interviews with key management executives at SANFL.


Development of roadmap for the vision

Research from various workshops provided us with a range of data around systems and processes used on a daily basis. This also highlighted how users perceived technology was working for them  currently and visioned future desired states.

This data helped validate our concepts, which was in line with our experience across a number of organisations with a range of diverse functional groups.

Cornerstone Alliance provided a documented roadmap, which took into account the current state of operations and technology-spread at SANFL, their desired vision for the future and a pathway that would help them achieve their vision.

The roadmap factored specific action items over timelines and ranged across SANFL’s business units. The mandate was clear: to maximise ROI from their Microsoft Office 365 investment, and facilitate collaboration and communication to take SANFL to the next level of efficiency.

Our process

  • Workshops

    We conducted workshops with functional teams to ensure perspectives across the organisation are captured

  • Analysis of findings

    Data gleaned from workshops and interviews was validated and analysed to design pathways to higher organisational efficiency

  • Developed customised roadmap

    The roadmap factored specific action items over timelines and ranged across SANFL's business units to ensure a sustained plan for benefits realisation

  • Interviews

    We interviewed key management representatives and stakeholders to discover strategic objectives

  • Research validation

    Analysed information was then validated to ensure important aspects are appropriately represented and not missed

  • Presentation of evidence

    Findings from evidence were presented to the Senior Executive team for review and as a means for conveying the speed and direction of our work.