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API-based solution integrated with the Shopify platform​

Shopaholic is a web-based app which makes it easy for Shopify store owners to create a personalised mobile app for their Shopify store.

Shopaholic integrates with the Shopify e-commerce platform and provides a seamless, easy to use way to manage information required for their mobile app.

This includes:

  • Look and feel: Colour, font, logo, icon and launch screen 
  • Announcements: Managing announcements to display on the mobile app including customisable start and and date-times
  • Collections: Fetching collections from the Shopify store and enabling sorting for presentation on the mobile app.
  • Links: Managing links to display on the mobile app, including links to social media and helpful information

Shopify based solution for native mobile-app creation​

Shopify is a global e-commerce platform that facilitates creation of digital marketplaces/stores. Although these stores are web and mobile friendly, Shopify does not provide native mobile app for store owners. This is where Shopaholic creates the facilitation layer between the Shopify platform and a native app for the iOS platform.

A native mobile app enriches the customer experience by providing personalising recommendations, in-app announcements and push notifications.

Shopaholic aims to extend to its users – primarily store owners – the ability to reach their customers in a seamless and personalised way using the Shopaholic native iOS mobile app.


Cornerstone Alliance helped create Shopaholic to make it easy for Shopify store owners have their own native mobile app.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Integrated with the Shopify platform​

    Shopaholic integrates with the Shopify platform to fetch product and related data directly from a Shopify store via secure API

  • Integrated support videos

    Shopaholic displays inline videos to help end users understand potential impacts of any changes

  • Sorting of Shopify collections

    Shopaholic fetches all collections from a verified Shopify store and allows for sorting of collections for display in the native mobile app

  • Event-based messaging

    Shopaholic integrates with messaging systems to instantly alert stakeholders of content updates to speed mobile app updates

  • In-app announcements

    Shopaholic features the concept of announcements, which helps display in-app notifications based on the currency of messages.

  • Ability to add links

    Shopaholic allows for managing of Links (URLs) to external websites which are displayed in the mobile app