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Cerebral Palsy Support Network​

Promoting specialist care for individuals with Cerebral Palsy ​

Cerebral Palsy Support Network is a specialist disability service provider  based in Melbourne. They came to Cornerstone Alliance to assist them fill a gap in their Marketing capability. We worked with them for six months and provided an on-going weekly marketing service that implemented their marketing plan. 

We also provided market research to assist in the development of services and to inform our marketing campaigns better during the staged roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Victoria.

Cornerstone Alliance carried out activities like Google Adwords campaign development and management, website management, SEO development for targeted campaigns, graphic design of social media posts, market research and newsletter development. The project was also supported by Cornerstone Alliance’s IT Consultancy when the need arose.

Google Adwords

These are examples of the Google Ads that were created by our graphic designer.