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How to prioritise multicultural marketing in the new year

Written by Samoda Silva

Graphics by Justin Olivares


Cornerstone Alliance prides itself on being one of the leading South Australia-based multicultural marketing and communication agencies, and there is a reason for it. Time and time again, we see agencies disregard cultural sensitivities and norms, overlook accessibility of communications and miss the opportunity to connect with their audience in a meaningful and more effective way, despite its necessity in a booming diverse country like Australia, and the overall benefits of inclusive marketing and communications strategies.

The start of a new year marks a great opportunity for agencies to consider how they can improve their practices and develop multicultural and inclusive marketing strategies, and this is how your organisation can do so in 2024.

Understand your audience

Developing effective strategies and working on areas of improvement in your marketing and communications is not possible without having a comprehensive understanding of who your audience is, and the important demographics that influence engagement and connection. Take the time to conduct thorough audience research, taking into consideration factors such as culture, country of residence, language, age and language preferences, and also consider previously untapped markets that you may be able to penetrate through inclusive multicultural communications.

Adapt your content

A one-size-fits-all approach to a campaign is an outdated way of delivering marketing and communications, and will not effectively work for previously untapped market segments or engage your current audience.  

It is more common in contemporary inclusive campaigns to deliver multiple versions of the same collateral or campaign material with differing variables, including language, graphics (particularly those depicting people) and messaging and information. By providing more tailored communications and being inclusive of the diversity in your consumer base or audience, your organisation is demonstrating a clear commitment to creating a welcoming environment and establishing a more personal connection that goes beyond transactional marketing.

Create campaigns that are inclusive and meaningful

Information is abundant and maybe even excessive in the so-called ‘Age of Information’. Anything you would want to ever know is quite literally in the palm of your hands, and so companies will go to great lengths to ensure that their information stands out amongst the rest. With consumers being constantly overwhelmed with information while also having limited time and energy to consume it all, the way to best engage with a consumer is to be mindful of what their needs are, and how they want those needs to be addressed.

Discover where your audience gets their content from

Another factor that should be variable in your campaigns and communications is your platforms and how information is disseminated and made available. Every consumer and every population will have different ways that they access information. To be mindful of this diversity and have your information stand out, it is important to consider that your consumers shouldn’t be the ones to have to seek out what you can provide to them; you should be the ones to deliver meaningful and impactful information to them. Fit your information around your audience’s preferences and habits.

Engage with the community

By actively engaging with multicultural communities and the diverse people in your audience, you will have the best understanding of their needs and wants, in comparison to just doing desktop research. You may be surprised by cultural nuances or methods of communication that would have never been uncovered, but for seeking a deeper understanding of your audience through direct engagement.

In conclusion, inclusive marketing and communications should not be treated as a checkbox item or an immediate path to reaching KPIs. Rather, 2024 should be the year for your organisation to intentionally commit to understanding, including and respecting the unique multicultural perspectives of those in your consumer or client base. By understanding the makeup of your audience, tailoring your content to your markets, making information valuable and meaningful and engaging with communities, your organisation can effectively navigate the diverse Australian landscape and utilise it to its maximum potential.


Reach out to the team at Cornerstone Alliance and make 2024 the year for a new approach to your marketing and communications strategies.