Cornerstone Alliance


Learnings from a disability marketing campaign for NEDA

Cornerstone Alliance was proud to partner with the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) to develop and deliver a national campaign, encouraging culturally and linguistically diverse people with disabilities to share their feedback with the Disability Royal Commission. This multicultural and multilingual campaign was delivered in eight languages, and ran on social, digital, print and radio across a nationwide mix of media.

One of the biggest considerations going into this project was the understanding that many people, especially CALD individuals, could be intimidated or unfamiliar with the concept of a royal commission, let alone submitting a submission for it. The egalitarian attitude that is constantly associated with Australian culture may apply to those born and raised in this country. But for those who have migrated, it is not uncommon for government bodies, systems, and institutions to appear formidable, damaging any chances of this target segment willingly and enthusiastically engaging with these institutions. 

Our goal was simple: to break down what it means to make a submission to a royal commission and emphasise the importance of multicultural individuals with lived experience of disability voicing their concerns for the benefit of everyone. 

Rather than referencing a ‘submission’ which bears an excessively formal and cold connotation, we reframed the message to encourage people to ‘share their story’, emphasising that everyone has a story, these stories are worth sharing, and there is a platform to do just that. By making the language more familiar and introducing a three-word slogan, we hoped to make the entire concept of sharing feedback more familiar and accessible to our target audience.

All of the campaign material also featured the words and faces of people with lived experience of disability. This ensured that our target audience could see themselves in the campaign, and it remained relevant to those we were aiming to reach. 

Our digital marketing campaign exceeded our expectations, reaching over 5.5 million people across the country, far surpassing our initial goal of 1.5-2 million people. We hope that this translated into more voices from our target segment contributing to the royal commission. By partnering with NEDA and creating an inclusive and accessible campaign, we hope to empower individuals from CALD communities to participate in important government processes and have their voices heard. 

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