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Learnings from a disability marketing campaign for NEDA

Cornerstone Alliance was proud to partner with the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) to develop and deliver a national campaign, encouraging culturally and linguistically diverse people with disabilities to share their feedback with the Disability Royal Commission. This multicultural and multilingual campaign was delivered in eight languages, and ran on social, digital, print and radio… Continue reading Learnings from a disability marketing campaign for NEDA

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Share Your Story Campaign

The Share Your Story campaign aimed to nationally to promote a final push for collection of public submissions. It was requested by the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) and targeted towards people with disability (PWD) from a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background.

VicForum 2023: Tips for better CALD Campaigns

Cornerstone Alliance would like to thank everyone who attended Polaron’s 2023 VicForum Event and joined our workshop on ‘Creating & Implementing Effective Multicultural Campaigns in an increasingly diverse Australia’.

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We’re so excited about the stories and news coming up in 2023 and would love to share them with you! That is why our team is creating a monthly newsletter digest to keep you informed, educated and inspired. We are so thankful for those who support a small business like ours and want to deliver… Continue reading Get the latest news and stories from our team


Ethnolink Multicultural communications and translation services Ethnolink specialises in multicultural communications and professional translation services in over 150 languages, expertly crafted by NAATI certified translators in Australia and managed by multicultural experts.  Visit Website Ethnolink engaged Cornerstone Alliance to create the messaging and campaign assets for social, digital and print. Two campaigns were developed to… Continue reading Ethnolink


NEDA Advocating for multicultural people with disability The National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) is an organisation that advocates federally for the human rights of people with disability and their families, from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB).  Visit Website Cornerstone Alliance was engaged by NEDA to drive up participation of multicultural… Continue reading NEDA

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HomePlace Marketing a disability service​ HomePlace is a values-based disability services organisation based in Woodville, South Australia. Cornerstone Alliance works as a marketing partner and we supply the planning, implementation and execution of all promotional and engagement activity.   Visit Website Previous Next We work with HomePlace to develop content, produce collateral, videos, publications, reports and… Continue reading HomePlace

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How to create a marketing strategy that works

Have you ever had a moment thinking that you made the best marketing strategy in the world and yet, no one comes to buy your product? What happened? What went wrong? What is your strategy? It all comes down to whether you have done enough research on your product, market, and competitors and how you… Continue reading How to create a marketing strategy that works