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VicForum 2023: Tips for better CALD Campaigns

Cornerstone Alliance would like to thank everyone who attended Polaron‘s 2023 VicForum Event and joined our workshop on ‘Creating & Implementing Effective Multicultural Campaigns in an increasingly diverse Australia’.

The theme for this year’s forum related to ‘Words that Work: trends, tips and tools to boost your engagement skills’. The forum aimed to bring together organisations and individuals who are passionate about multicultural communications and accessibility and inclusion in Australia, as well as raise awareness about the importance of effective, ethical and engaging communication.

Our workshop, hosted by Sunita Miranda, gives marketers and organisations advice on how to create better CALD campaigns for a multicultural and culturally diverse audience. We hope our key takeaways help you:

  • Learn about your target audience, and go into this with a spirit to learn and have your assumptions challenged; 
  • Ensure that non-translated content is simple to read (in Simple English), avoids jargon and culturally appropriate; 
  • Engage with your community and involve them in the development of your campaign. This could look like partnering with community organisations in your target segment, or reaching out to multicultural peak bodies to facilitate that engagement; and
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and identify areas for improvement to ensure that your campaign, and similar ones in future, have the desired and maximised impact. 

Polaron Workshop by Cornerstone Alliance

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